Track the location of your vehicles

Plan the optimal routes for your destinations, monitor your vehicles in real time.


Plan the optimal routes

Set your delivery goals and Fleet Management will automatically define the time windows for pick-up, planning the optimal routes for your destinations in advance. Easily optimize your resources by allocating the available vehicles and drivers.

Track your fleet

Thanks to GPS tracking, you can monitor the location of all your vehicles in real time, check if they are following the planned route correctly and analyse travel times.

* For the geolocation of vehicles, a GPS tracking must be installed to the vehicle.

Travel safely

Reduce penalty costs: find out if your drivers use seat belts or exceed speed limits.

Receive alerts when doors are opened without authorization or when there is a deviation from the planned route. Communicate directly with drivers and, if necessary, use the Panic Button to send a distress call directly from the App, with the vehicle’s position already tracked in real time.

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Reduce fuel consumption

Keep track of each refueling and send the receipt directly from the mobile app


Check refueling

Plan refueling on your route, automatically selecting fuel suppliers and the cheapest fuel price. Send refueling receipts directly from the App: this way the documentation is automatically stored and made available when needed. Receive alerts in the event of abnormal fuel consumption, inconsistent with the planned route. .

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Optimize driver performance

A more efficient driving style means optimizing costs

Monitor the driving style of your drivers

An efficient driving style translates into less consumption and less vehicle wear and tear Compare the performance of your drivers, analyse the data to optimise their performance.

Keep track of infractions and reduce penalty costs.


Reduce maintenance costs

Keep the efficiency of your vehicles under control by scheduling maintenance.
Schedule maintenance

Schedule maintenance

A fleet that is always efficient thanks to Fleet Management: you can check the status of your vehicles and schedule routine maintenance in advance. Receive alerts before maintenance windows expire. Save on ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs: receive quotes directly from your service providers and automatically select the one that offers the best price for a specific service.

Store your fleet data

All documents relating to your fleet are digitally stored: copies of the vehicle registration documents, insurance slips, driver’s licences, maintenance receipts, are immediately available when you need them.

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Plan the allocation of vehicles and materials through our platform.

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