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We are the team of developers of WayUp, a fluid and modular platform for business management

WayUp is a Weteam product

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Evolving, changing and adjusting is a daily challenge for every goal-oriented company: whether you need to digitize your processes, add specific features or create new analysis systems, WayUp is the integrated solution that allows you to quickly achieve your goals.

One of the strengths of WayUp is an immediate and intuitive interface, for a user experience that can be easily adapted to your management system. WayUp is ready to carry out the most common data report & analysis tasks: everything is already there, immediately available and ready to be used.

WayUp can add a single feature you needed to your system, such as live GPS tracking, or it can bring together what you are now forced to do with multiple tools, putting everything into a single software ecosystem and a single interface, much more functional and easy to use.

For even more customised solutions, the whole team of developers at Weteam can help you quickly analyse your workflowand advise you on the most effective integration of the WayUp platform.