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Centralize the management of your Master Data

 Standardize the Master Data of your customers and manage them efficiently from a single platform.


Master Data of PdV, Assets, Products

Field Marketing Agency allows you to manage Master Data through a unique code or encoding by project. PdV codes and Master Data of assets won’t be a problem anymore. Master Data of products are subdivided by PdV, with clear planograms and reliable data.

Master Data

Use wayUp features to normalize Master Data of PdV and assets and keep them ordered, with the aim of using them in different projects uniformly.


Master Data of assets

The information contained in the Master Data of assets allows users to automatically draw up contracts of assets. Furthermore, due to activity fields, it i salso possible es posible to insert the entire operational information (submission of material, HCCP documentation, printing of badges, etc.), with the aim of carrying out activities de forma autonomously.

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Optimize your time through Multiactivity

Manage your projects within a unified platform to optimize your assets.

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Due to the dynamism of wayUp, you can manage several projects inside the platform, as In-store Promotion, Visual Merchandiser, Rack jobbing, Mistery Client, Ambassador, etc. Each project will have its own dedicated dashboard and a customized data analysis exportable into Excel.


Manage several brands inside a unique platform: it will be very easy to create spot or recurrent activities for the launch of a new project, as well as carry out tests on new customers. If you wish, you can also create platforms dedicated to a specific brand, in order to obtain an even more personalized management.


Due to a powerful planning engine you can manage and view several agendas of customers and products. Each activity can be planned directly in the platform, for a single customer or massively.


Through wayUp you can assign several projects simultaneously to a single asset, and obtain a separate report of the performance customer/project. The dynamism of the platform allowa users to draw up a balance of hours/days worked for each activity.

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Draw up staff contracts and send them by a click

Create and manage contracts easily, directly inside the platform.

Compilation of contracts

WayUp platform draws up automatically a template of the contract preloaded, updating all expected fields with regard to those present in the Master Data. It is also possible to draw up all accreditation documents todos los documentos de acreditación of a PdV.

PdV Accreditation (Security)

The platform can carry out a timely planned sending of the batch of documents to the security office of the PdV, by fax or mail. That facilitates the operational machine of the agency with a panel of several PdV.


Sending of contracts

Due to a proprietary module, the precompiled contract of the asset is transmitted to the operative referent and the asset involved, who should sign it and upload into the platform.

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Collect data and improve sales performance

Use collected data digitally  to make strategic decisions real-time.


Picking of digitalized data

Due to a punctual and digitalized data collection, help agencies to succeed during contest tenders and optimize operational project costs.

Digital planograms

WayUp platform allows users to upload and digitalize customers’ planograms for linear metre. That makes it possible to depict the three processes of display of products with regard to market shares: Planned, Actual, Final.

Real-time Dashboard

It is possible to view real-time the progress of activities and performances, with the aim of acting immediately on criticalitites. Alert e-mail or pop-up intended for responsibles and linked with criticalities.

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