Simplify inspection activities

Plan inspections
and monitor their progress


Monitor inspection activities

Thanks to the wayUp Field Inspection visits module, you can plan and monitor store inspections. Practical summary dashboards allow you to take a quick look at the progress of the activities, the completed tasks and those still to be completed.

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Monitor your team’s activities

Get data directly from your field resources


Switch to mobile data collection

Compatible with PC, Tablet and Smartphone (Windows, iOS, Android), the wayUp Field Inspection platform simplifies remote management operations.
No need for on-site configurations, the features are immediately available on connected devices, which can immediately start collecting and sending data. The data entered in the remote devices are immediately aggregated and made available on the Management platform for generating reports.

Speed up data re-entry

wayUp Field Inspection features speed up data re-entry: your field resources can collect data directly on the platform and send it dynamically. Reports, photos and any information collected on site is immediately available and catalogued on the customer data sheet. Track your team’s activity, assign tasks and monitor their completion directly from the platform.

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Get the information you need

Use the integrated functions to receive data dynamically


Discover the features of the photo gallery

Manage the images returned from the sites, through dedicated reports on the activities that require it, check the correct implementation of the guidelines. The advanced photo gallery function automatically creates image catalogs, which can then be searched by date, store, resource, project or parameters that you can customize.

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Work in synergy with other platforms

Integrate the wayUp Field Inspection features with those you already use at your company.


Manage everything from a single platform

The modularity of the wayUp platform ensures extremely versatile integration. Everything is already set up and easily integrated with the ERP/CRM systems and Business Analysis environments already implemented at your company. Increase your potential by adding the modules you need and manage everything from a single platform.

This way, instead of worrying about IT system compatibility, you can focus on your work and improve business results!

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