from field to success

wayUp is an advanced, exclusive and customizable solution for the global management of Marketing and Sales projects.

One goal,
a thousand paths.

wayUp allows to manage, monitor and analyze all the activities of the Field Force with a comprehensive overview of every retail store.

Tools to rise from the ranks

The users can rely on innumerable features, plus customizable tools based on the project's needs.

The multi channel and multi device platform result of years of experience in field.


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Enel Green Power

A customization of the WayUp platform has been released for monitoring international shipments. Thanks to the platform features, it is possible to supervise every single phase of the shipping process through Dashboards and synoptic maps.

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wayUp support a full range of APP to manage data collection from each type of terminal. APP runs on PC, Tablet and Smartphone using all operating systems such Windows, iOS and Android.

Dynamic survey

wayUp has an innovative technology for the design and implementation of the survey for data collection. Speed and dynamism is the added value to our customers.

wayUp always
more user friendly

Work every day together with Top Brand allows us improve the user experience by providing immediate and easy interfaces.

New Reseller

Weteam is pleased to announce a new Partnership with ComponentSource, for the international distribution of its products.


Why choose wayUp?

wayUp is an immediate and perfect solution for supporting all the activities in the field related to projects of Operational Marketing, Sales, Training, Assistance, Inspection, Tracking and much more.

It's an innovative tool, available on the move, useful for conducting activities in the field in a systematic way; furthermore, it's suitable for punctually reporting and collecting valuable data for the Company.

Last Projects


WayUp platform has also been extended to Consumer and Business Wind trainers.

Enel Green Power

A customization of the wayUp platform has been released for Enel Green Power, in order to monitor international shipments.


wayUp is the proper solution also in the Pharma world, in order to support Traning projects in the point of sales.

HW Service

HW Service choose wayUp platform for monitoring HUAWEI products in the Mass Market channel.

Our offer

License Server

It is the base corporate license that allows to create an instance dedicated to the customer. System requirements are jointly analyzed together with our Clients in order to define the best fitting application modules.

User license

wayUp is managed by licenses User profiled according to the organization and objectives of the project. Packages are available for large organizations.

Consulting and Training

Qualified consultancy is available for functional analysis and customization of the solution. Design and implementation of the dedicated Survey for the data collection. Training both in the classroom and in the field.

Dedicated technical support

For optimal support special assistence packages are available with dedicated staff. Different support options can be configured according to customer needs.